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Advice and shopping guides: The Practice Manual

Looking for the best crafts for your home? You love the traditional, handmade and 100% natural. The handbook includes practical information and advice to help you. Lovers of art and craft are increasingly, sites that offer craft products are many, that is why the aim of this manual is to provide a basis for online resources. Use this base as buying guide.

In this guide we'll talk about the different categories that make up this site:

1 - Tableware:

On this site you will find services for couscous, this dish typically North African, which requires a great presentation Eastern. Our range of services and tableware is made of ceramic enamel, made and painted by hand. It is a tedious and time consuming, but essentially it is the final product craftsmanship is well done.

The service

couscous is made of 8 pieces:

- 6 flat Tebsi Ø 20 cm
- 1 large platter Tebsi Ø 40 cm
- 1 Kirwena Ø 25 cm

You can also fill your table with a wide range of plate, bowl, dish and tagine.

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2 - Wicker:

In the category of wicker, we have products that are 100% handmade handbags made from the first node to the last with patience and love for this work inherited from father to son .

To pretty, they introduced a bit of imagination and design, with bits of leather cow or goat, with beautiful patterns as the Berber Khelel.

You can use these bags every day, it's clean and convenient. You can also use them for picnics and hiking. It is also useful on the beach.

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3 - Decorative Items:

beautiful vases and candles doors for a unique and decorative arts. Shaped articles and rotated by hand, two-tone glaze Drawing Reason hand. Unique pieces made, pure and simple, individual and emotional to offer you a collection successful and very attractive ...

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4 - Divided plate:

offers these plates are very useful, especially if you want to entertain your guests by proponents of appetizers, salads, chocolates and a drink too.

According to the model, our plates are between 5 and 7 compartments spread over a dish of the same design (see example here) .

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5 - Slippers:

Our slippers are comfortable, with rounded ends and indoor use. We chose to make the lining and leather sole for more comfort and endurance.

The sizes vary

between 36 and 41 and you have the choice between five (5) colors:

- Purple
- White
- Green
- Beige
- Rose

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6 - Fouta towels :

The Fouta-Hammam beach-set is a new concept of ethnic origin, which fulfills a universal desire for simplicity.Take it with you when youre heading on your travels,to the beach, on a boat or on hiking expeditions. light and hardwearing, bright and colourful, the Fouta is highly absorbant and dries quickly.

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7 - Leather bags :

If you love leather, we offer travel bags, shoulder bag, backpack and handbag. All goat leather, these bags have the distinction of being 100% genuine leather and 100% handmade.

You will find on each page of product description and particularly the dimensions in order to have an idea for your new leather bag.

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8 - Spices & Seasonings :

We accept the idea, bought spices on an online store is not wise unless you buy a lot of spice and a good amount. But what is beyond one, is there a big difference between spices you find in bottles, and our spices. Why?
The answer is simple, our spices are made by ourselves with traditional ingredients of our grandmothers. You feel the power and richness of our spice with a taste your food that will succeed.

In you will always find what you are missing to enjoy your recipes.

has chosen to put our spices for sale with packages from (50g - 100g - 250g - 500g - 1kg) .

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9 - Tunisian Pastry: offers his collection Tunisian pastry, in which you will find a variety of handmade Tunisian cakes, with an innovative range of exceptional quality.


A pastry made by our best refined Tunisian pastry to offer you the best pieces for your prestigious festivals and ceremonies

Your pastries are ordered on the same day to ensure quality and freshness. They will be delivered in boxes of packaged well.

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